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Who is ready for a Road Trip?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

June 19th is Take a Road Trip Day, and even if we can't travel too far this month, or travel at all, we can still have fun!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Coloring Page:

Road Trip Crafts - Crafts you can do in the car:

DIYs and Road Trip Hacks:

Printable Kids Travel Journal Pages:

40 Free Road Trip Printables:

If you do plan on leaving town, check this article out for some tips for being safe with social distancing efforts to lower your risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19:

Road trip games and checklists:

Car games:

Want to limit your time stopping for food and snacks while trying to distance yourself? Check out some o the KOA suggestions for road trip snacks:

More healthy snacking ideas:

Road trip maze:

Traffic Jam game and coloring page:

Road Trip word activity page:

Travel Bingo Board1 - Crayola has 4 of these, print out a different one per player:

Road Trip Game Coloring Sheet:

Travel Memory:

License Letters Game:

If you do take a road trip, make sure you are safe and take precautions to keep others safe as well. We are in a worldwide pandemic. Be sure you show me how your trip turns out, and all of the fun that you have! Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I don't miss anything you post. :)

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