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Welcome to At Home Learning Fun!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Since social distancing forced schools and businesses to close, this March, I posted a comment thread on Facebook where I was adding link upon link of fun activities, learning resources, freebies and Coronavirus information. I felt like it would be helpful to keep all of the links in one place, especially for all of my friends and loved ones that are now tackling homeschooling! While our teachers are still hard at work preparing lesson plans, posting online content, etc, the kiddos are spending significantly more time at home working on school work than they were before... and they need more to do that is enjoyable! When learning is fun, it's less of a chore!

My thread got overwhelmingly large and once I had over 600 individual comments, I moved the info over to a few handy Google Docs and created a Facebook Page, At Home Learning Fun with Laura. While this Facebook page is a great source for sharing ideas and activities, I hope that this site and blog will increase my post reach and provide a place to show off the things I do personally! Please feel free to tag along in this journey with me. -Laura

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