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Super list of Super Hero Fun!

Another fun post I'm bringing to you from out Facebook community is this exciting list of Superhero themed goodies! Whether you’re celebrating hometown heroes or heroes from the big screen, there are plenty of activities to do. Check out the links below and try some of the fun out for yourself... if you find additional things you think I should feature, post a comment below and use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I be sure to see all of the fun you have had!

Superhero Worksheets:

How to Celebrate Superheros with Your Own Superhero:

Heroes in our Community:

Superhero Comic Activity:

Synonym Superhero:

Superhero Rhymes:

Superhero Coloring Sheets:

Lego Superhero Coloring Sheets:

Lego Superhero Website Page:

A Resource for more Activities:

SuperHero Activity ideas:

Superhero STEM Activities:

MORE Superhero Activities:

Marvel salutes the real life Heroes:

Check out Marvels Hero Project for some real life hero stuff:

Free Superhero Comics:


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