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Stay Out of the Sun Day

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Today is Stay Out of the Sun Day. While being in the sun may be something many of us enjoy, we have to understand the dangers of being in the sun unprotected! Learning this from an early age can really help keep us safe throughout our lives.

Visit this link to get some quick facts about this day and why it's important. There are additional tidbits included that just may help keep your day "bright":

Sun safety tips for families from the CDC:

How can you protect your kids from the sun, also from the CDC:

Kids Health also has some information about how to keep your kids safe from the sun:

Healthy Children tips for sun safety:

Here is a very short YouTube clip from the Mayo Clinic about being safe in the sun:

Here is a longer YouTube video from the Canadian Dermatology Association that discusses the Sun, and staying safe:

Here is a coloring sheet, also from the Canadian Dermatology Association which features the kid from the video:

Here is a Get Well Soon video in which Dr. Ranj discusses Sunburns and skin safety in the sun:

Visit this link for a compiled list from La Jolla Mom about how to teach kids sun safety:

Here is a page from the MD Anderson Cancer Center which also discusses how to teach sun safety to kids:

Here is a Sun Safety Activity Guide PDF:

Sun Safety Worksheets:

Summer Safety Word Search just for fun:

Color/circle what you're taking to the beach coloring and activity sheet:

Check out this awesome resource from the South Carolina Department of Health. There are 52 different sun safe activities in this PDF:

I hope that you learn so much about keeping yourself safe in the sun, and be sure to keep up with all of the sun safe practices you learn! Wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and keep covered in the sun. :) If you do any sun safe learning or fun, make sure you use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura when you post about it so I'm sure to see it!

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