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Space From Home - National Space Day!

Updated: May 19, 2020

For National Space Day, I figured that it was only right to talk about NASA and the International Space Station! For almost 20 years, humans have lived at the International Space Station learning and teaching us so many awesome things. What better way to celebrate National Space Day than explore some of the many interesting things they are providing to us: There is an entire Learn At Home portion of the ISS website filled with learning opportunities and fun.

There is a NASA at Home website absolutely packed with activities and educational stuff:

Specifically check out this link here which takes you directly to the NASA at Home Kids and Families activities page:

If you're looking for additional NASA learning fun, check out the NASA SpacePlace: Here, you can find tons of craft ideas and coloring pages which are perfect for today.

What activities are you planning to get into for the remainder of the day (or this weekend!) If you end up celebrating Space Day, be sure to hashtag it #LearningFunWithLaura so I can be sure to check out the fun you had!

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