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Pretzel Love! Activities and Recipes.

In case you needed to have a little bit of pretzel fun, we have some recipes and learning goodies in the pretzel theme. :) Try your hand at making some homemade pretzels, or just work on some coloring. Many of these are geared towards older kiddos, but I'll keep an eye out. :)

Mickey Mouse Pretzel recipe:

Another Mickey Recipe:

Check out this page for some home based learning activities:

Here is a PreK-K lesson with Pretzel Dough from Scholastic:

Here is a Printable Pretzel Patterns book - or just use the idea with different pretzel shapes at home and make patterns:

There are a ton of simple coloring pages for pretzels, try a blank one like this and have your kiddos put on their own toppings... or faces if they're feeling silly:

This is more sciency about yeast breads and is geared towards older kids. It contains puzzles, etc. I find it very interesting:

An older kid guide to learning about fuel economy. An interesting real life kind of subject that teaches problem solving, critical thinking, etc. Plus... you eat a snack... so...:

Pretzel Logic with Alton Brown:

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