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Chocolate Chip Learning fun - it's National Chocolate Chip Day

Updated: May 19, 2020

May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day - if you have chocolate chips on hand, there are a ton of counting, life skills, recipes and other things you can do today to celebrate Chocolate Chip Day. If not, you're still in luck as there are chip-less printables as well. check out the links below!

Chocolate Chip Counting Cards:

Practical Life Skills Trail Mix Making Activity:

Mining for Chocolate Chips Activity:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crafts/Activities:

Cookie Jar Number Matching:

Chocolate Chip Roll and Count:

Chocolate Chip Counting Grids:

C Cookie Monster Coloring Sheet:

Counting Cookie Monsters Cookies/Chips Coloring Sheet:

Chocolate Chip Day Recipes:

Make sure ou use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura when you join in on some of these awesome chocolate chip activities so I can be sure to check them out!

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