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Who Loves Asparagus? It's National Asparagus Month!

Updated: May 19, 2020

May is National Asparagus Month! To be completely honest, asparagus is not one of my favorite vegetables. My goal this month is to learn to love it! Join me and check out these learning activities and at home fun to celebrate asparagus.

Asparagus Math Worksheet:

Learning PDF:

Asparagus Coloring Sheet + Writing practice:

Growing Asparagus at Home information from MSU:

Veggie Tales Dad Asparagus Coloring Sheet:

Coloring Sheets:

Kid Approved recipes:

Best Ever Parmesan Asparagus:

Keep in touch and tell me how your asparagus celebrating is going on this month... I'll be sure to update on how I'm doing... haha. Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I can be sure to see your posts!

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