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My Two Holidays - an interfaith lesson

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Something I appreciate during the holiday season is the ability to be inclusive of all faiths during this festive time. There are so many faith based celebrations this time of year, everything from Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to Diwali and Omisoka. Celebrating our differences doesn't take anything away from us, only helps us to better love and unite with our neighbors. I came across the book, My Two Holidays, which follows a child who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. At school, when discussing which holidays his classmates celebrate, he faces a bit of embarrassment - everybody else only celebrates one! I noticed that some reviews of this book on Amazon say it will make a child feel ashamed of celebrating multiple holidays, but I think they just didn't finish the book! After his initial feelings, he is able to march into class the next day with his head held high and share that he celebrates more than one holiday and it's a blessing - his classmates think it's really cool. This book should make a child feel confident!

Check out this YouTube video which showcases a fabulous teacher reading the book:

This link talks a bit about the book and is a good jumping off point for your lesson planning:

Interested in some additional books on the topic? Check out this link:

Here is a bit of additional information on celebrating as an interfaith family - There may be some helpful tips in here for discussion:

Check out the links below for some activities:

Here is a word search:

Coming up with your own writing activity? This lined snowflake paper covers the winter theme, without a specific holiday:

Check out this resource... it's a fact sheet for winter holidays around the world:

Additional word searches:

Here is a nice differentiated vocabulary worksheet set:

Check out this Winter search on the Crayola website - there are bingo boards for several holidays, crafts and coloring pages:

Don't want to scroll? Here is a make your own Dreidel craft:

Here is a make your own Kinara for Kwanzaa craft:

Need a Christmas activity? Here is a decorate your own tree project:

I hope this post gives you a nice base layer for some of your own learning for the holidays - with Hanukkah beginning this week, make sure you get started soon!

If you join in on the interfaith holiday fun with me, make sure you share and use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I don't miss it... and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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