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Inauguration Day Learning Fun

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Today, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be inaugurated as the new President and Vice President of the United States of America. Every 4 years, January 20th marks Inauguration Day, and this year will be a particularly historic event! Kamala Harris will be the first female ever to hold the title of Vice President, and she is also the first African and Indian American in the position. Not only that but Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug, will be the first Second Gentleman, also the first Jewish Spouse of the Vice President. Jill Biden, the new Second Lady will also be the first to hold a job outside of the White House! Wow! We hope that no matter what your personal, political, beliefs are, you can find the historic significance of this groundbreaking day and do some fun learning to celebrate!

If you’re not sure where to start your Inauguration Day learning, I have compiled a ton of links from all across the web for some jumping off points. Whether you want to just color some pictures and work on your cutting skills, watch some informative videos on the history of this day or want to craft your own presidential plans, I hope you find something below!

Check out this fabulous and free digital and printable inauguration day resource:

There is an in depth lesson plan published on the Houghton Mifflin website including activities and lessons on the topics of the Constitution, Inaugural speeches, parades and more:

Want another parent’s perspective on how to teach and celebrate the Inauguration to and with your children?

Visit this link from the National Education Association to hear and read speeches, take quizzes and find activities on the topic:

The White House Historical Association is, obviously, a wealth of knowledge on Inaugurations! Visit this link from the association to find some historical information, classroom resource packets and more:

The Library of Congress has an interesting historical link showing January 20th in history:

Check out Simply Kinder to see some free printable coloring page book:

This Inauguration Kit PDF link is FILLED with historical information, project ideas and much much more:

Family of video learners? Check out this link for several videos to teach about the inauguration process:

The Nashville Moms Blog has a pretty extensive list of ideas and activities for some home based Inauguration fun:

Want to have the kiddos make their own inaugural address, fill their own cabinet or build their own White House? Check out this link for some adorable printables:

There are SO MANY resources for free on Teachers Pay Teachers! Check out all of these below, and make sure you do your own search for some additional links because I can’t possible share them all!

“If I were President..”:

Inauguration Day Facts Activity:

Draw the President (or draw yourself as the president!) worksheet:

Inauguration Reflection Worksheet:

Inauguration Day Internet Scavenger Hunt:

Looking to do some coloring?

Check out this link for official Joe Biden and Kamala Harris coloring pages:

Here is a Joe Biden free printable:

Here is a Kamala Harris Coloring pages printable set:

Here is a fun online Inauguration Junior Ranger book from the National Park Service:

Have any other Inauguration Day activities or ideas? Craft plans? Let me know! If you do any of the stuff I linked, show me by using the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I don’t miss it. Have a Happy Inauguration Day!

Inauguration Day Learning and Fun

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