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Honest Abe's Birthday - February 12th

February 12th marks the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. He was born all the way back in 1809, this year will mark 212 years since his birth. (I found that to be a bit of interesting trivia as 212 is also the date). Lincoln has been brought up many times recently, so while I’m sure all kiddos know of Honest Abe, there is so so much to be learned about him so there is plenty we can focus on!

Check out this link for a kid friendly biography from Ducksters:

The National Geographic also has a very informative page on Abraham:

Looking for yet another biography? Time for Kids shared this:

Check out this link from Teachers Pay Teachers – this PDF is an informative text along with writing prompts:

Here is a mini biography fill in the blank worksheet printable:

Here is a simple cut and paste timeline activity:

Need a “just for fun” more creative activity? This unique printable is a portrait unscramble! Cut the scrambled portrait and sort it out… there is also a bonus coloring page:

Here is another just for fun, creative, activity. Break out the tongue depressors, popsicle sticks or brown paper and make a log cabin in honor of the humble beginnings of President Lincoln:

This is a super cute paper plate Lincoln craft from Scholastic:

Scholastic also has some lesson plans available:

Here is an Abe coloring page with some letter practice!

What Abraham Lincoln activities are you going to engage in during Abes birthday?

If you get into any themed fun, make sure you let me know – use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I don’t miss any of your posts!


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