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We Love Teachers! It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day! Normally we are in the classrooms with our teachers and can tell them we appreciate them in person, but this year is different! If you have been wondering how you can celebrate this year, consider doing one of these things below:

- Send a picture, note or video to your teacher virtually telling and showing them that you appreciate all that they do. You can post this in a school community page if there is one set up. Your thankful action may just spark others to do the same!

- If you have teacher friends, drop off a yard sign!

- If your teacher is affiliated with any causes or charities, donate in their honor. Maybe virtually adopt your teachers favorite animal or plant a tree for them.

- See if your teacher is on or has an wishlist for items needed for the school. Since most teachers spend some of their income on supplies, this would be super helpful!

- Send your teacher an e-gift card. Places like Target and Amazon have a large variety of items they may need/want and local food chains would be an awesome way for them to treat themselves. Consider getting a gift card from a local small business to help them out during this time as well!

- Show your teacher a picture of you wearing red on May 6th, National Teacher Day, and hashtag your picture #RedForEd

- There are lots of sales going on right now as we are all struggling... consider adding a soap or candle onto your next order somewhere like Bath and Body Works, maybe picking up a card or plant the next time you're at the grocery store. Anything that shows you're thinking about your teachers and teacher friends is appreciated!

- If you're able, put together a collage of photos of your kids' classmates saying that you're thankful for all that your teachers and school staff do! Have some ideas that I haven't talked about? Post them here!

Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura and share some ideas on social media and show me what you and your kids are going to do for the teachers in your life this Teacher Appreciation Week. :)

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