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Happy Pluto Day - The Day Pluto was Discovered

On February 18th, 1930, the Dwarf Planet, Pluto, was discovered. Did you know that Pluto was so small, it's about half the width of the United States of America? Learn about this and more by visiting this link from NASA:

Check out this Ducksters page all about Pluto:

Space has a very informative page about Pluto, including some really interesting videos:

Here is a super cute Pluto informative passage along with worksheets bundle:

Why is Pluto no longer a Planet? Download this PDF on the topic and complete the included worksheet:

Here is a 4-6th grade level informative passage and worksheet:

Print out this blank Pluto brochure and let your kiddo fill it in with everything they've learned:

Just for fun, here is a cute downloadable Pluto Poster:

Color this Pluto coloring sheet from Stevie Doodles:

What is it that you find the most interesting about Pluto? Let me know!

Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I'm sure not to miss it.


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