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Happy Hamburger Day!

Who is a fan of hamburgers? I hope everybody is, because today is designated to be National Hamburger Day. From coloring sheets to recipes, I hope this post helps you find some exciting ways to celebrate National Hamburger Day! When you join in on the burger fun, make sure you use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura in any posts so I can be sure to see it!

Hamburger Coloring Sheet:

Hamburger Worksheet PDF - How many gallons of water is needed to make/grow ingredients of a burger?:

H is for Hamburger Coloring Page:

H for Hamburger Coloring Page with "H" writing practice:

Hamburger name art craft idea:

Learn the difference between Producers, Consumers, Goods and Services with this activity (level1-2):

Paragraph Writing Worksheet:

Here are some kid friendly burger recipes:

Mini Muffin Tin Burgers:

Even more burger recipes!:

Looking for a dessert idea? Growing up, my mom used to make cookies like this! They were a different variation, but pretty similar and can be super fun for the kiddos :)

I hope that you all enjoy Hamburger day!

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