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Happy Black History Month

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Today we welcome February, which means that it is Black History Month. Since the 1970s, US citizens have been celebrating Black History Month to try and shine a light on the fact that there is a rich history, which is often not properly addressed in schools. There is so much information in this super broad category of Black History, so it’s really important that we get a good groundwork for the kiddos. Today I’ll just share a few links to get your month started off right. Let me know if there is anything you would love for us to spend some time on – use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I don’t miss it!

Check out this link which takes you to the National Geographic for Kids page on Black History Month:

Here is a super cute A-Z printable of African American Visionaries – Make sure you format this poster to 8.5x11 before printing if you don’t have legal sized paper!

Here PDF is a Nonfiction Text worksheet in a Martin Luther King theme. This is designed for 3-4th grade:

This worksheet is on the Underground Railroad – it says 4th grade:

Teacher Planet put together this page full of links:

This lined biography page worksheet is perfect for passing out for easy bios on prominent (or not so prominent!) African Americans:

This Mathwire page on the topic of Freedom Quilts is very interesting, definitely a unique topic that can open the door for some really creative art projects:

Here is an online African American quiz:

  • Let me know which links are your favorite and stay tuned for some posts like this throughout the month.

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