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News & St. Patrick's Day Coloring Page

Updated: Feb 19

Hey, all!

I've not posted nearly enough in recent memory, but I'm going to be around a lot more! I got the most generous and awesome gift from my SO (a fancy drawing tablet!) and was able to complete my first digital coloring page. No more pencil drawing and reworking for hours in Photoshop for me!

Check out my St. Patricks Day Coloring Page below and be nice, it's my FIRST completed project. It's not a download, just a posted jpeg while I get better I'll change things up... I'll eventually be breaking into some more advanced illustration work (which has always been a dream of mine!) and selling some projects online!

I hope to get a lot more done in the near future, and even re-share some old favorites. <3 Stay tuned and please throw me some of your constructive feedback!

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