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Groundhog Day - Activities for February 2nd

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day! Have you ever wondered why we celebrate this day? Maybe you struggle with coming up with some educational fun. Look no further! I’ve compiled some information and links for you to look into to plan your special day. For how limited the holiday events are for Groundhog Day, there sure are a ton of resources online for some home based fun.

Visit this link to see a short video from PBS Learning Media on the topic of Groundhog Day:

Here is a super simple and cute groundhog Trace and Color worksheet:

Looking to get crafty? Here is a cute groundhog craft idea – no paint? Just color with markers or crayons:

Here is another cute and simple craft – if you don’t have a toilet paper roll, just roll up some cardstock:

This is probably my favorite Groundhog Day craft… Will the groundhog see its shadow!?

Check out these STEM activities for Groundhog Day from Scholastic:

Lessons for Little Ones has a really good page full of ideas and information:

A Cupcake for Teacher on TPT has a really cute set of printables:

This little emergent reader printable is a super simple yet really cute and informative book about Groundhog Day:

Don't have a themed book on hand for Groundhog Day? Check out this read aloud:

If you want to learn more about the animal and the holiday, too, check out this video:

What are you going to do for Groundhog Day? Let me know! Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I’m sure to see your comments and feedback.

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