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Grape Goodness for Grape Popsicle Day

Happy grape popsicle day! People generally say that they like red or cherry ice pops, but today we are going to show some serious love for grape! Read below for some interesting history behind this obscure holiday and make sure you enjoy some of the fun activities!

Check out this preschool geared coloring sheet - there is coloring, learning colors and letter tracing involved:

Here is a cute, just for fun, Kawaii coloring sheet:

Here is a popsicle simple math worksheet:

Popsicle Stick Math Idea:

Popsicle Counting, letter tracing and coloring worksheet:

Some history on grapes - also there are some PDFs of coloring sheets and other learning fun:

A little bit of history on the holiday:

Frozen Grape Pops Recipe:

You can also make your own grape popsicles with grape juice if you're needing easy, or if you have grapes on hand, blending some and using a popsicle mold. :)

I hope that you have a fabulous Grape Popsicle Day and, as always, be sure to share all of the fun you've had with me by using the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I be sure to see it!

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