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Fossil Fun - National Fossil Day

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Today is National Fossil Day, the best time to talk some science! Have you ever wondered how fossils are created? How old they really are? I hope that we can discuss these topics and more... there is SO MUCH to learn about when it comes to this topic so get ready for a ton of links!

**To help with link overload, I moved the coloring sheet printables to its own post, but did keep the printables which include activities below.

Check out this link for some information on what fossils are, and a video:

This link from the American Museum of Natural History, part of the dinosaur curriculum, talks about what a fossil is:

Check this out for some Cool Kid Facts about fossils:

DK Find Out has an awesome and interactive page on the topic of fossils. Find out all sorts of things like how they are formed and where they are found:

DK even has a fossil quiz:

Science Kids is also a good resource for some fossil facts:

Looking for crafts and activities? Preschool Powol has a fun activity for making a sand dough for fossils:

This fossil craft activity doesn't use handmade dough, but model magic and plaster:

Make a q-tip dino skeleton:

This link has tons more ideas!:

Snack time! Check out these fossil cookie recipes:

Recipe 1:

Recipe 2:

If you're looking to make a themed sensory table/bin, try an archeology dig:

Or this fossil excavation bin:

Incorporate letters in a bin like this:

Check out this PDF worksheet where you can analyze a dinosaur fossil to help us learn how to draw conclusions:

Work on those coloring and cutting skills with this cute Curious George dinosaur bone worksheet:

This website from the Oxford Museum of Natural History touches on fossils and has some fun ideas:

Especially this page:

Here is a downloadable workbook from Mammoth Cave National Park:

Visit this link to get a Curious George fossil maze:

Work with your kiddo to complete this Junior Paleontologist Activity Book from Dinosaur National Monument:

The Park Service also has a dedicated National Fossil Day page:

Check out this downloadable activity packet:

Another HUGE PDF activity book, this only touches on true fossils, but there's a ton of dinosaur themed sheets on a wide variety of learning areas (numbers, tracing, hand eye via scissors and more):

PHEW. There is a bunch more available online if you want to look around for other things as well, but I hope this helps you kick off a fun celebration of National Fossil Day! Be sure to check out the coloring page post if you want to just do some easy passive learning fun. Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura when get your hands dirty with some fossil fun today so I don't miss it!

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