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For the Love of Strawberries - It's National Strawberry Month

May is one sweet month, and being National Strawberry Month just makes it that much sweeter! Scroll through some of the fun activities, learning fun and crafts that you can do this month to celebrate this yummy fruit! Any of these look interesting? You have others we should share? Let me know! #LearningFunWithLaura

Strawberry 3D Paper Craft:

Strawberry Hand print Craft:

Paper Plate Strawberry Hand print Craft:

Strawberry Terra Cotta Pot - bonus! Plant Strawberries!:

Strawberry Play Dough:

Heart Strawberry Craft:

Another Hand Print Craft!

Strawberry Life Cycle Worksheet:

Strawberry Worksheets, learning information and coloring pages:

Strawberry Worksheets:

Strawberry Sight Words Game:

Practical Life Skills - Slicing Strawberries:

Strawberry Sugar Cookies:

Strawberry Oat Bar Recipe:

No Bake Strawberry Energy Balls:

Healthy Strawberry Muffins:

Some Strawberry Facts:

Cut & Paste Alphabet Strawberry Worksheet:

Strawberry Trace & Write:

Simple Addition Worksheet:

Strawberry Man Printable Craft:

I hope that this blog post helps when you're thinking of some activities to do while safe at home during this Strawberry Month! Make sure you use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura when you join in on this sweet fun. :)

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