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Earth Conscious Goodies

Because the blog was started after Earth Day, and I didn't share the awesome things we did to celebrate one of my favorite holidays! I wanted to post a bit that we covered on Facebook and all of the many links from the original Earth Day Google Doc. :) It is always a good time to show some love for Mother Earth so I hope you check it out and, as always, let me know if you do anything, have any suggestions or just want to say hi! Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura so I be sure to see it.

The We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference:

Quizzes from EarthDay .Org:

11 Actions for the Earth During a Pandemic:

Earth Day Worksheets, Activities, crafts and more - need account:

More Worksheets:

annnnnd More worksheets, lesson plans, etc:

Earth Day things from the Smithsonian Collections:

Earth Day Coloring from NickJr:

Earth Day - Create Your Own Act of Green:

Earth Day Book:

Alternative Fuel information at the Disney Parks:

Earth Day with Minecraft:

Earth Day goodies on Pollinator Gardens - a Toolkit:

Earth Day Tips:

NASA Earth Day at Home:

Social Distancing – Hug a Tree, Not Eachother!:

Cute Coloring Sheets about Nature:

Earth Days Canopy Project:

Virtual Earth Day Curriculum ideas from Environment California:

EPA Earth Day Resources PDF:

Happy Earth Day Coloring Sheet for Windows PDF:

Lesson Plans/resources from the EPA:

Student Homework Resources from the EPA:

50 Earth Day Activities from the TinkerLab:

21 Earth Day Activities from Little Bins for Little Hands:

Earth Day Crafts and Activities:

Meaningful Earth Day Activities from Project Learning Tree:

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home with Kids:

Stay At Home STEM Activities for Earth Day:

Detroit Riverfront e-Earth Day Pledge:

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