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Diversity in the Media

Studies have shown that lack of diversity and negative portrayals of minorities in media have a direct impact on self esteem and self importance in children. These studies have shown that only white males typically experience a rise in levels of self confidence while watching TV. Children pick up so much, they are able to tell while consuming media who are the "good" and "bad" characters and seeing these negative undertones truly can form little minds. It is important that we make sure diverse characters and storylines are accessible for our children to help them build positive identities and respect differences in others.

Check out Common Sense Media for their list:

Are there any TV shows that you find to be good examples of positive diversity?

Let me know which ones you recommend by using the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura and comment on this post.

#BlackOutTuesday #AmplifyBlackVoices

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