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Cute Bee Crafts, Worksheets to celebrate Pollinators

Not feeling like doing some heavy learning? Maybe you're just itching for some straight up fun and sneaky education... check these out! I've compiled just a small fraction of the crafts and worksheets around the web to celebrate the fabulous pollinators, bees!

Fuzzy Pom Pom Bee Craft:

Do this ADORABLE paper bowl and wax paper wing craft... use a plate or just some paper, too, if you don't have bowls on hand:

Make Yarn Wrapped Bees:

A coloring and letter tracing worksheet - standard & d'nealian:

If you're looking for a more open ended activity, check out this simple coloring page of a bee hive. This would be super cute just colored, but let me suggest that you have your little one make thumb print bees (washable paint or ink pad) or write things in the layers of the hive... they could list things they have learned about the bees or maybe ways they want to help. :)

Young BeeKeepers Word Doc Coloring Book:

a really nice USDA Pollinator workbooks.. activities and coloring pages PDF:

Bee Themed Activity Sheets:

Honey Bee Activity Pages:

Fun Pollinator Crafts:

If you do any of these activities or make some crafts, I want to see! Have others that you think are fun? Show me! Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura

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