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Courageous People Who Changed the World

This super cute board book introduces the littles in your life to some of the most well known courageous people, including Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Malala Yousafzai and Harriet Tubman. While a lot of the subject matter and some of the words won't be easy for the very young, it's super adorable and will definitely gain their attention.

Each of the mini biographies include a quote from the person being featured, and this is surely a great stepping off point for those hoping to learn through reading.

Pro for this book: the illustrations are SO ADORABLE.

Con for this book: While cute, I actually think the font used for the names and quotes would be difficult for a kid. the Twisty, mixed, upper and lower letters arent that conducive to learning properly.

For some additional learning... check out some of the links below about Malala. I picked her because at such a young age, she was fighting for her right to be educated - something so many people take for granted.

For the older kids, and parents, watch her Nobel Peace Prize Award speech.

Follow up with a coloring sheet of Malala:

Another Malala Coloring Sheet:

I hope that you enjoyed todays post. :) Do you like this book? Have a favorite courageous person in history? Let me know!

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*As of the writing of this blog entry, this book was available for sale from Book Outlet - use my referral link to get $10 off of your $25 purchase.

If anybody was curious about what I means I'm regards to the font used:

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