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Coronavirus Information and Activities

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The pandemic has been a trying time for both adults and children. There have been a ton of resources shared online to help us navigate the new territory as well as share information and help our kids understand. Most of what I've compiled here are resources that were already available back in April but I have added some new things as well. :)

St. Jude free activities + Coronavirus Coloring book

Coronavirus info:


Self Assessment Tool:

London Information:

CoronaVirus Facts:

Brain Pop:

Coronavirus Lesson Plans:

Your Questions about Coronavirus Answered:

How to talk to kids about Coronavirus:

Coronavirus Coloring Page:

Some Coronavirus Links:

Avoid Corona Coloring Sheet:

Activity and Coloring Book:

Learn all that you can, because things are less scary when you arm yourself with the knowledge to combat it. Stay safe out there! If you learn anything particularly interesting, or just want to share what you've learned with me, be sure to use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura on your social media posts!

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