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Calling all Tree Lovers - Tree education and crafts for everyone!

If you're anything like me, you love trees! Trees are truly fascinating and there are ENDLESS things you can learn about and from them. I originally shared these links for Arbor Day, but with my Google Doc purge, I thought I should share them again so we can continue the tree love once the doc is gone. While some of the links say Arbor Day, celebrating trees can be done any time of year. Check them out and let me know if there are other goodies that we should add! Use the hashtag #LearningFunWithLaura when you post the fun you've had!

Arbor Day in the Classroom:

Teaching Arbor Day:

All About Trees Worksheet PDF:

Tree Rings Sheet PDF:

Arbor Day:

Happy Arbor Day at Home:

Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day while Distancing:

Learn at the Morton Arb :

Arbor Day in the Classroom:

Arbor Day Educational Resources:

Arbor Day Activities:

trees, tree crafts
Check out these cute craft ideas

Arbor Day Worksheets:

More Arbor Day Worksheets:

Carlys Kids Corner – Arbor Day Foundation:

Be a Junior Arborist - Arbor Day Foundation:

Arbor Day Facebook:

Arbor Day Videos on Facebook:

Information on Replanting Our Forests from Arbor Day:

Poems About Trees PDF:

Tree Activity Book PDF: Arbor Day Craft Ideas:

More Arbor Day Craft Ideas:

Companion Curriculum from Michelin PDFs ****I did not browse these, they’re long, but if you’re interested there may be some info?: Elementary: Middle: High:

The Lorax Movie Night Info + Activities: The Lorax Activity Guide PDF:

The Lorax Education Guide PDF:

Discover the Forest:

Discover the Forest Resources:

Lorax Movie Night Ideas:

Lorax Movie Night Activities and Ideas:

SeussVille Lorax Activities:

Watch Danny Devito read the Lorax:

**An extra tip… consider making snacks with "things from trees" or incorporating things from trees into meals. Maple syrup, apples, etc. A bonus? You practice kitchen skills. 🙌 Enjoy!

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